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This is a catch-all phrase that encompasses the part of our business that supports the activities of real estate investment groups, whether a large company or an individual investor.


It can be as simple as a repaint or as involved as placing a new rental home or duplex on an infill lot. New kitchens, updating bathrooms and tearing out and replacing flooring are all projects we've tackled in the past.


Do you have questions, ideas for a project or a series of them?  Please contact us and let us give you ideas that make sense for your growing portfolio.

"Let's build a new home!"


With all the associative questions, financial pressures and potential miss-steps of building a home, these five words that can elevate the stress level of even the most "Zenlike" customers.  The good news for our clientele is that with Earth & Sky, the process is so smooth you are much more likely to remain at peace and at ease throughout the experience than you are to become overwhelmed by stress! 


It's not rocket science; it's about proper planning, documentation, preparation, budgets and predetermined deadlines - all addressed before a stone is turned on your project.


Once those are in place, regular communication from our supervisory staff and monthly financial meetings keep everyone happy.  Our proprietary process will keep you in the loop every step of the way.  Need design help?  Our "on call" designer is ready to assist - usually at no extra charge.  We can assist with lot or acreage selection as well, potentially saving you many thousands of dollars.  Need an architect?  We can assist with that process as well.


In short, when you decide to build your dream home, we can help every step of the way.  Get in touch with us today .. way to go Zenmaster! 

New Home Construction
Real Estate Investments

Remodeling a home can be a stressful experience, especially if the contractor doesn't show up, communicate or hire the kind of subs and employees you'd want in your home.


At Earth & Sky, we don't have that problem. We carefully vet our team to include only those we'd want working on our own homes. The other satisfaction killer has to do with scheduling. While it's not entirely in our control, we take your satisfaction personally and do all we can to get in and out of your home with the same kind of dedication we give to our new home building process.


In the end, your contractor is not only in your home but is in a business relationship with you. It pays to make sure you feel comfortable.


Planning a remodel?  Contact us to set up a face to face meeting!

Earth & Sky acts most often as a General Contractor.  However, our paint division has been a great addition to our service portfolio.  New construction and both interior and exterior repaints are well within our expertise.

When bidding on your project, our clients can expect several cost and paint quality options. When we are complete, our clients experience top quality professional workmanship that enhances the durability, livability and value of their home.


We are the #1 rated paint contractor on, with a rating consistently above 4.5/5.  Hey... it's what we do.  


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