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Café of Life, Bend Oregon

There are great clients and there are extra-great clients. At Earth & Sky, we believe it's our responsibility to create great clients by plugging them into a system that emphasizes communication. The one we've developed is second-to-none. Extra-greatness happens when a project is in particular alignment with our core values.


This was one of those projects.


We added a vegan, organic café to the back side of a thriving chiropractor's office with beautiful results.

The chiropractic and massage portion of the building remained open for business during construction requiring intense coordination, planning and execution on behalf of Earth & Sky. To add to the challenge, this project had to conform to substantial ADA Code Requirements and very restrictive Historical District Standards.


Additionally, the commercial kitchen we constructed had extremely tight tolerances and intense Building Code requirements.


Pictures are forthcoming. The food is excellent, too!


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