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Matthew Torney's construction roots are foundational.  Growing up in Wisconsin, when he wasn't playing ice hockey, Matthew enjoyed helping his father and his uncles in a great variety of construction projects & in the building of the familys' homes.  As an Oregon subcontractor, Matthew worked as a framer and architectural concrete artisan.  Many of his residential & commercial projects can be seen around Bend, Sisters, McCall Id, and beyond.  Even before graduating college in 1995 with a BS in Mass Communications & Advertising, Matthew was applying himself on the entrepreneurial path.  In college, he sold embroidered hats that helped pay for his tuition.  Prior to founding Earth & Sky Construction, Matthew was a founding partner in two other Internet related businesses.   Matthew has been a licensed contractor in Bend, Oregon for nearly 15 years.

Additionally, Matthew is a husband, father and community leader.  He trained for 3 years in Brazillian Jujutsu and also for 13 years in Aikido & Aikijujutsu; both are Japanese martial arts that foster peace.  As well, Matthew is a proponent of meditation, of observing and respecting nature and strives to be present in all he does, whether it be a construction project or just a conversation.


The resulting benefits for Matthew and clients of Earth & Sky are the application of ground level building experience and knowledge coupled with patience, focus and integrity.  Matthew strives to apply his abilities to: effectivley manage (people, process and projects), to clearly communicate (with clients, subcontractors and friends alike), and to walk in harmony and peace in all aspects of life.

You've probably guessed that Earth & Sky is more than construction; it's a philosophy of life for us. We are passionate about building homes that honor the lives of our clients as well as the earth and sky, to the best of our ability.  We can't help it... it's who we are.
Matthew Torney


Eric Marley
Project Manager

Eric Marley has been in construction for over fifteen years.  Whether building or remodeling homes, selling solar or HVAC, Eric has a wealth of knowledge about what makes a good home great. He was Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified in 2011.  Eric has an extensive business background which serves him well, as evidenced by his dedication to the "behind-the-scenes" processes that allow our clients to sleep well at night.


Eric is a writer, musician, innovator and father.  As well, Eric offers himself to various cummunities as a devoted advisor and mentor.   Like Matthew, Eric strives to exist in harmony with the natural world.  

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